We start where the shoe pinches. Where work is being done. On the construction site, for example, where you think "This has to be done better." Here, we pick up the ball. We not only replace an existing material with a smart fiber reinforced composite material, but we also take the opportunity to walk around the whole problem and illuminate it from every angle. 360°. To then create a completely new solution concept. A better one.
From the first idea to the finished product. With fisco, you go the entire way of development together. Finding new solutions. Thinking differently. From initial drafts and functional sketches, we develop detailed CAD models. Thanks to additive manufacturing, your ideas take on a first form. Whether it's a simple profile or a complex component, your vision becomes reality.
Unlimited possibilities for an optimal solution. With modern FEM tools and our experience in designing fiber composite components, we optimize your product concept. Inner values count. From a large portfolio, we develop the best fiber-matrix combination for your requirements. We determine the performance values of near-series prototypes in our own test laboratories and thus have an immediate influence on the development. Quick and effective.
Everything from a single source. Through internal planning and production of pultrusion tools, we adapt them perfectly to the requirements of your product. Without friction losses – in production and planning. Whether it's a prototype or series tool, we have the right solution for you.
Participating in innovation. With fisco, you have the opportunity to benefit from various innovative technologies for the production of fiber reinforced composites through pultrusion. Whether it's thermoplastic pultrusion or the innovative non-combustible material fi:resist - with us, you use future-oriented technologies for the success of your products. In addition to our own developments around pultrusion, we draw on a variety of different fiber and matrix materials to optimally realize your product technically and economically.
Cutting, drilling, punching, deburring. So that your component becomes the finished product.
Not every component is a profile. But often made from profiles. We are happy to do everything that makes more out of profiles, such as connecting, bonding, filling, joining, priming, painting, sanding, labeling.